MSc. Biotechnology

About Master of Science in Biotechnology

Biotechnology focuses on studies of life in all biological systems, i.e., human, animal, plant, microorganisms, and viruses at the molecular level. This program is important to modern life sciences such as agriculture, biology, microbiology, medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary science. This program provides advanced education and research training for a career in academia, industry, or the public sector, and emphasizes a research apprenticeship in combination with relevant course work. Students learn from and collaborate with researchers from a range of disciplines related to biotechnology. The program is of interest to those wishing to use cutting edge laboratory and/or computational approaches to address research problems in biotechnology molecular biology, or biomedical disciplines. It is academically oriented and designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of theoretical and practical competence in this discipline.
MSc. (Biotechnology) programme is designed to promote individual creativity, dynamism and to respond to the market demands and needs of the society on issues of Biotechnology and life sciences, research in Biotechnology and a range related of disciplines and investment in Biotechnology and life science related businesses

Admission Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology or equivalent, with a minimum of Second Class Honours Upper Division from a recognized institution.

A Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of Second Class Lower Division or its equivalent in the relevand discipline from a recognised institution may be considered provided s/he has two years of working experience in the relevant discipline.

East Africans Ksh. 155,000; 1st Semester 78,750/=, 2nd Semester 76,250/=
Non-East Africans Ksh. 285,000; 1st Semester 143,750/=, 2nd Semester 141,250/=